These rules are here to clarify that our ban methods aren't arbitrary.
Please remember we always have the right to remove/ban at will. This is a free service and we'd like to keep it safe and useful for all.

This page will be updated often, as we analyze how we ban and will try and make it more transparent how our moderation system works.

- Underage

  • Do not ask for "trading" or "nudes" of users under the age of 18.
  • If you are underage, please keep your descriptions clean, we will ban at our discretion.

- Spam

  • No bots
  • Do not post more than once per hour
  • Do NOT include your username in your description

- Harrassment

  • DO NOT post someone else's Kik info, you will be permanently banned from posting.
  • Do not report people for no reason

- Nudity

  • Nudity is NOT allowed in your profile picture